Why Attend EX Impact?

  • Secure the Future of Your Organization: the workplace is undergoing radical shifts and how organizations respond to these changes will directly impact your retention rates, recruitment efforts, strength of your talent pool, and productivity levels for generations to come
  • Develop a Formalized Approach to Defining, Measuring, and Impacting Employee Engagement: while technology has increased ease of telecommunications, it has also heightened the complexity of the work environment and redefined the classic “org chart.” Understanding how to leverage technology and science to quantify employees’ sentiments allows organizations to proactively mold and refine their corporate culture to align with employees’ needs and business objectives.
  • Optimize Your Employer Branding: understanding the tactical and the strategic side of presenting an unified brand that provides a seamless experience connecting potential, current, and former employees.

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Key Benefits of Attending


Learn qualitative and quantitative ways to gauge engagement and how to adapt them to your organization’s needs and culture


Discover how HP preserved its culture and mission as the company divested 


Flock together in our Group Intelligence Modules discussing incentives, rewards and recognition, health & wellness, bolstering connectivity across remote and onsite workforces and defining and executing on inclusive culture


      Forge an emotional connection between employees and your company brand


Utilize corporate sustainability and responsibility initiatives to drive global citizenship and greater engagement

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